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For us it is not just about PR. We work with clients to integrate PR into their marketing strategy or provide any of the services below.


"Marketing is a contest for people's attention." (Seth Godwin)


"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing." (Benjamin Franklin)

Marketing Strategy

"Strategy starts with having the right goal." (Michael Porter)

Media Relations

"B2B and B2C no longer exists - all that matters is P2P /people 2 people/." (Jowyang). In H2H we call it HEART to HEART

H2H Communications

H2H Communications has been founded by experienced journalists with extensive practice in printed and electronic media. This is but one of the guarantees for a new, flexible and different approach to the market. We speak the language of the media and know what will attract the attention of the mass or specialized audiences. We have been creating content over the years and have managed publications with high rating and circulation, which has prepared us for the work of PR consultants. We do not believe in "both sides of the barricade" because we know from experience that the team is but one in the battle for public attention and attitude management. H2H is a strategic partner helping its customers maintain an efficient dialogue with their audiences.

Our customers are our partners - we work with them as a natural extension of their team. We help our customers define their messages, choose relevant channels for their audiences, adapt to the interests of their consumers. We maintain long-standing relationships with key journalists, editors and publishers. Being professionals who have started their career in the media, we know well their agenda as well as the mechanism used to create content in printed, electronic and online media. We know how and to whom to "sell" a story so that it may be noticed and may influence the relevant audience's attitudes.

H2H Communications invests in relationships.

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